Heather Benjamin
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Keep up with industry developments and earn CE credits at the same time.

Did you know that by reading certain USGBC publications and then taking a quiz on Education @USGBC, you can earn continuing education (CE) credits?

Keep up with your CE requirements by learning more about industry developments in our Spring 2019 issue of USGBC+, starting with the feature article "The Rise of Distributed Energy: What it Means for Utilities, Consumers and Green Infrastructure." Earn 0.5 GBCI CE credits for taking the quiz based on the article (purchase or subscription). Once you've read the whole magazine, earn another 1 GBCI CE credit by taking the free issue quiz.

Here are a few more publications you can earn credits by reading:

Each course on Education @USGBC is available for individual purchase at $45. You can also access the courses through a subscription. All the publications listed above are free; the associated quizzes are included in the Education @USGBC subscription or are available for purchase, unless otherwise stated.

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