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Demonstrate your knowledge in energy efficiency by earning our new Education @USGBC badge.

Interested in learning more about specific green building topics and wondering how to demonstrate your knowledge in these areas? Let your professional network know you’ve invested in learning about these key topics through USGBC’s knowledge-based badges.

In the coming months, USGBC will launch our initial knowledge-based badges. These badges address high-priority topics in green building and LEED. The first of these, the energy efficiency badge, is now live. This badge will be awarded to individuals who complete a series of courses, and complete the associated quizzes, addressing topics such as minimum energy performance, commissioning and energy auditing. 

Additional badges for life cycle assessment and indoor air quality will launch later this year. Courses must be completed individually. Group sessions do not qualify.

How to get started

  1. Take a series of at least four courses as an individual on Education @USGBC designated as part of a knowledge-based badge suite. At least two of those courses must be above the basic level. Pass all the associated quizzes.
  2. You’ve earned your badge for completing the series of courses related to energy efficiency. Although courses qualifying for a certain badge might change over time, once you’ve earned the badge, it does not expire.
  3. Share your badge with your network. The badge will automatically appear in your usgbc.org profile, distinguishing your efforts and knowledge. You can also post your badge on other social platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Energy efficiency badge courses

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