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Demonstrate your knowledge in IAQ by earning our new Education @USGBC badge.

Interested in learning more about specific green building topics and wondering how to demonstrate your knowledge in these areas? Let your professional network know you’ve invested in learning about these key topics through USGBC’s knowledge-based badges.

By taking a series of courses on Education @USGBC and passing associated quizzes, you can earn the IAQ badge. Display the badge in your USGBC directory profile and across your digital presence, including on LinkedIn.

Knowledge-based badges offer verification that that you have taken courses targeting key concepts in sustainability. In career areas where specialization is valued, acquiring these kinds of badges shows interested companies that you are among the more prepared green building professionals.

Courses that qualify for the IAQ badge include those focusing on HVAC systems, indoor air quality metrics, construction management, healthy air strategies and fluid dynamics. Whether you need to maintain your credential, obtain new knowledge or simply lead your organization through the IAQ portion of a LEED project, get credit for what you learn by seeking out USGBC’s newest badge.

Learn more about badges through our FAQs.

How the badge works

  1. Take at least four courses as an individual on Education @USGBC designated as part of a knowledge-based badge suite. At least two of those courses must be above the basic level. Pass all the associated quizzes.
  2. Earn the badge. While the courses qualifying for a certain badge might change over time, the badge does not expire.
  3. Share your badge with your network. The badge will automatically appear in your profile, distinguishing your efforts and knowledge. You can also post your badge within a Mozilla Backpack, or with other social platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Indoor air quality courses

Explore courses on Education @USGBC