Arnold Kee
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Green building badges help show the world that you value deep levels of LEED expertise.

USGBC is releasing two new green building badges: Material Selection and Location and Transportation. Material Selection acknowledges those who have taken courses on topics such as sustainable building materials, related LEED v4 credits and life cycle assessment. The topics covered by the Location and Transportation badge include a LEED v4 credit tutorial, cycling infrastructure, surface parking and site selection strategies.

The two new badges join a collection of six existing badge options. For each badge, you must complete four courses and quizzes, while ensuring that at least two of the four are above the basic level. Once you successfully pass the quizzes, a new badge will be inserted into your USGBC profile overnight.

When you earn USGBC badges, you make it known to the rest of the world that you value deeper levels of LEED expertise. Besides your profile, another way to highlight your expertise is through Mozilla digital backpacks, where your badge is stored so that you can add it to your social media profiles or other public websites. Although the global digital badge infrastructure is in transition, the badges you earn from USGBC will still function.

Material Selection courses

Location and Transportation courses

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