Arnold Kee
1 minute read

Demonstrate your knowledge in site assessment by earning our new Education @USGBC badge.

Many students using the Education @USGBC platform have already acquired badges in energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and building data analytics, demonstrating their growing expertise in these areas.

We are now adding Site Assessment, a key concept within the Sustainable Sites credit category in LEED. Courses related to this badge focus on methods used to determine the feasibility and best uses of land being considered for a LEED project.

Similar to other knowledge-based badges, to obtain the Site Assessment badge, you must individually complete four designated courses and pass their associated quizzes. Two of those courses need to be above the basic level. Eligible courses include:

Once you obtain a badge, it is displayed in your profile along with the date it was issued. View frequently asked questions about badges.

Badges issued by USGBC are intended to be compliant with the developing open badge standard.

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