Rina Brule

The Call for Education Session Proposals (and reviewers) is open! Take a look at what’s new for 2014:

  • New presentation topics like Climate, Cultural Context, Design Innovation, Health and Well-Being, Marketing, and New in LEED v4 were added
  • The scoring system was adjusted to put more emphasis on innovative and inspirational content (become an education session reviewer and put the scoring system to work!)
  • Think carefully about the flow of your session – you’ll be asked to enter a session agenda, including the presentation order, when the audience is engaged, etc.
  • Make your proposal stand out by including video of a recent presentation, or create a video (use your iphone!) and explain why its important for attendees to hear your message.
  • If you haven’t already heard, Greenbuild is going to Latin America! You can use the same website to submit an education session proposal for Greenbuilding Brasil. Each submitted proposal requires a separate application. 

Don’t forget:

  • Every proposed presenter and moderator must log into the site individually to enter personal details and confirm their presentation by January 10, 2014.
  • Be a good story teller! Think about how you present your data and best practices – everyone loves a good story.
  • We’re looking for effective conversations, not lectures. Attendees retain more and enjoy learning from direct observation and interaction, so engage your audience.

Find all the information you need on our website, in the call for proposals (Greenbuild New Orleans, Greenbuilding Brasil in English or Greenbuilding Brasil in Portuguese) and in the submittal guide (Greenbuild New Orleans, Greenbuilding Brasil in English or Greenbuilding Brasil in Portuguese). Add your voice to the conversation and apply to be a reviewer. Submit all proposals and your reviewer application by Friday, Jan. 10, at 4:59 p.m. ET, and good luck!