USGBC's new resource gives you helpful tools for advancing resilience planning and action.

At USGBC, we continue to increase our engagement on resilience and to show how it goes hand and hand with sustainability and green building practices. We have worked hard to highlight how our suite of programs, including LEED, helps projects become more resilient. We have also profiled several unique LEED-certified projects that have demonstrated exemplary resilience.

To take the next step in amplifying our efforts, USGBC introduces the Center for Resilience.

This page houses all of our resilience-related advocacy work, relevant resources, information on events and features of our rating systems that can enable projects to become more resilient.

Using our industry definition of resilience as a foundation, USGBC goes a step further in interpreting what resilience means through our mission and our work. For us, resilience means

  • Proactive design, planning and construction for reasonably expected natural disasters.
  • Creation and execution of a site development plan to protect neighboring ecosystems.
  • Design, construction and maintenance of a project site and nearby areas to reduce fire risk.
  • Support for community recovery during catastrophic events and extended grid outages.

Each of these objectives are supported by USGBC’s suite of rating systems, which offer pathways to enhance the resilience of a particular building, landscape, grid or community.

If you need help with making your project more resilient or have success stories to share, please contact us—we'd love to hear from you.

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