Kirsten Swanson

For the past eight years, USGBC has offered scholarships to make Greenbuild accessible to people who would otherwise not be able to attend. For Greenbuild 2015, 94 individuals received a scholarship. Recipients represent a diverse group of people from around the world. Each one has a story to tell and brings their own passion to their work. Each one has a role to play in making green buildings and communities a reality for all. 

As we lead up to Greenbuild 2016 in Los Angeles, we will highlight a handful of the awesome individuals who joined us here in Washington, D.C., for Greenbuild 2015. We welcome these folks to the USGBC community. 

Danny McGee

Hails from: Bethesda, Maryland

Sustainability background: I am a community-oriented building systems engineer focused on collaborative solutions to improve living conditions, lower costs, reduce reduce environmental impacts and build meaningful relationships. This is why I currently work for Wellhouse, a nonprofit that provides homes for the homeless, and why even while working with manufacturers, I spend most of my time working with people to help them better use engineering principles. In the coming year, we are going to focus more attention on green certification of our homes, and I am interested in the natural integration of sustainability into the basic operations of our organization.

Most fun part of Greenbuild: Conversations with other scholarship recipients.

Next steps: I am going to get my LEED AP and become more involved in the ADVANCE program. I think there are some great opportunities in West Michigan to be more involved in helping organizations move toward more sustainable infrastructure. 

Mital Hall

Hails from: Orlando, Florida

Sustainability background: I have over 10 years of experience in project management in sustainable community development, including universities and state and local governments. My expertise lies in energy efficiency, energy conservation, renewable energy, natural resource management, project management and business development. At ecoPreserve, I serve as a Program Manager for the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority in LEED Operations and Maintenance and Sustainability Management. I received my bachelor's of arts degree in world religions and my master's degree in interdisciplinary ecology at the University of Florida. I am a Building Professional Institute Building Analyst, a LEED Green Associate and a Project Management Professional (PMP).

Most inspiring part of Greenbuild: The group of individuals who are really moving green building principles forward at the policy level.

Next steps: I am getting more involved with my local USGBC network as a volunteer. 

Jacqui Scibior 

Hails from: Sauquoit, New York

Sustainability background: I am a senior at Clarkson University, studying civil engineering with a concentration in sustainable solutions for the developing world. Since I was young I have had a passion for green building and providing healthy, eco-friendly housing to low-income families, as well as to impoverished communities around the globe. This passion has brought to me to countries like Belize, Costa Rica and Ecuador. I am fortunate enough to be working this summer in Uganda.

Most inspiring part of Greenbuild: The large crowd of passionate and knowledgeable individuals all dedicated to advancing USGBC and green building globally in many sectors.

Most fun part of Greenbuild: Being able to share the experience with scholarship recipients from around the world and taking in the D.C. atmosphere and Greenbuild afterparty.

Next steps: My aspirations are to become a more direct member of USGBC as part of a committee or board. My long-term career goals include working in disaster relief and resiliency, creating thriving communities that can stand up against climate change. I plan to mentor young women interested in the engineering fields and be a role model for them. I want to create cities, towns and communities that encompass sustainability from healthy housing, transit, air quality, greenscape, water management, waste management, social forums, etc. And last, I plan to showcase my passion and commitment to being part of the Greenbuild movement.

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