Rhiannon Jacobsen

Behind every achievement or milestone, there’s a leader. In this case, it’s a group of them. USGBC is excited to announce that we’ve been working with a dedicated group of industry professionals from the manufacturing sector to create more opportunities for greener, healthier, more efficient manufacturing facilities.

The LEED Manufacturing User Group’s goals are simple--establish a collaborative community to identify, share and publicize the best-known methods related to the design, operations and maintenance of green manufacturing facilities. Green buildings have grown and evolved to touch nearly every building type in existence, from homes to hospitals. Manufacturing facilities are the origin of virtually every product we interact with on a daily basis. Many industrial manufacturing facilities have earned LEED certification thus far: 117, to be exact, accounting for 41 million gross square feet. Another 703 projects have registered for certification, totaling 221 million square feet. Even more promising is the size of market growth--375 percent in the last four years.

Manufacturing facilities have unique needs and many aren't covered in the suite of LEED rating systems. Removing barriers to entry and creating alternative compliance paths and specialty requirements related to the specialized challenges and aspects of the manufacturing world is essential. CH2M HILL, Colgate-Palmolive Company, Intel Corporation, Johnson Controls, Kohler Co., Procter & Gamble, Siemens, URS, and UTC Climate, Controls & Security are working to do exactly that.

Most recently, the group met in Portland, Ore., in May at CH2M Hill’s offices – the second face-to-face meeting for the participants since congregating last year at Intel’s offices in Santa Clara, Calif. Biweekly teleconferences ensure that the group stays in close communication, pushing their goals forward. They utilize this time to share knowledge on improving a manufacturing campus’s environment and achieving LEED certification.

What’s on the horizon? With the forthcoming release of LEED v4, the group will continue to inform the development of LEED, providing important feedback on current rating systems and the next update to LEED.

The group is always looking for additional ways to progress LEED manufacturing facilities and create collaborative opportunities with industry members. This peer group offers an opportunity for participants to connect and collaborate with the manufacturing community. Platinum members of USGBC are eligible to participate in the group, or participation can be purchased annually. Contact us for more information.