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Arc offers an opportunity for Brazil to track its growing green building performance.

Since 2007, Brazil has been certifying buildings to LEED standards, and the country currently ranks fourth globally for gross square meters of LEED-certified space, with over 1,230 projects. The growth of LEED in the region started in the private, high-end office market and has now spread all throughout the construction Industry. We see churches, hotels, warehouses, schools, mixed-use developments, hospitals, institutional buildings and neighborhoods being certified.

Growth and innovation in Brazil

2016 showed the second best growth rate for Brazil, behind only 2012, when the nation experienced an economic and construction boom. In 2016, 192 new projects were registered and 80 were certified. In only 10 years, we’ve seen LEED projects grow from 48 in 2007 to 1,250 in 2017.

Although this expansion can be partly attributed to the increasing demand for LEED certification by certain sectors of the real estate market, it is also partly due to the natural resources crisis the country has been facing for the past few years. One of the most severe droughts the country has ever faced affected an estimated 80 million people in the southern part of Brazil. In response, ingenious technologies and solutions emerged, from recycling of greywater to new businesses that focus on water or energy efficiency.

Going further with Arc

The people of Brazil are increasingly aware of new technologies and strategies to make homes, offices and other spaces better for the environment. The new Arc platform from GBCI is a state-of-the-art platform that allows buildings and spaces to compare performance metrics across the globe and connect them to green building strategies.

LEED-certified buildings can use Arc to improve and benchmark with their peers, as well as verify LEED performance on an annual basis to keep their certification up to date. Projects that are not yet certified can also use Arc to make sustainability improvements over time, to eventually achieve LEED certification.

This platform collects data on five categories: energy, water, waste, transportation and human experience and calculates a performance score out of 100, based on a global data set and action-oriented strategies.

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