Larissa Oaks

Interested in the impact buildings have on human health? Greenbuild 2014 is packed with events dedicated to this topic.

Here is your go-to guide for human health events at Greenbuild 2014.

Pre-conference events: Arrive early and jump start the human health conversations with one of these pre-conference events.

  • Materials & Human Health Summit. The first materials and health summit was held last year at Greenbuild Philadelphia and included a day of discussions on the connection between the products that go into buildings and the effect they have on those who live, work, learn, and play within them.  Attend the summit this year to continue these discussions and critique the progress made thus far.
  • Vision 2020 Sustainability Summit. If you're attending the Vision 2020 Sustainability Summit on Tuesday, Oct. 21, make sure to attend presentations from Vivian Loftness on Indoor Environmental Quality and Blaine Brownell on Materials + Products to see how human health fits in the vision for 2020.
  • AH03 - Healthy Housing Roundtable. If you're attending the Affordable Homes and Sustainability Summit on Tuesday, Oct. 21, be sure to participate in the healthy housing roundtable which will focus on healthy housing. 

Health and materials education sessions: There is an entire education track dedicated to health and materials. The eight sessions in this track vary in topic, from material selection to biophilia, but all support the idea that green buildings should enhance individual human health and well-being.

Other education sessions: Look beyond the heath and materials education track. Conversations about human health will be happening in education sessions all over the convention center. 

Master Series: Get motivated by Deepak Chopra in his master series talk.

Education Lab and Expo Stage: Connect with exhibitors about this topic with education sessions offered in the exhibit hall.