Joseph Crea

Pathways School Gurgaon is the first school serving all grades K-12 in the world to achieve LEED-EB Platinum certification from USGBC. Among all educational facilities worldwide who have achieved this top distinction, which includes only one high school and a small number of university projects, Pathways is the highest rated. 

Hear from Prashant Jain, director of Sarla Holdings Private Limited which owns Pathways. 

"Not only is this a proud moment for us at Pathways, this is a great moment of pride for our country as India now houses the first full K-12 school on the planet to achieve the LEED-EB Platinum rating apart from being the highest rated LEED-EB school on earth. 

At Pathways we believe that being an education institution, apart from imparting good all around education, it is our duty to educate children about sustainability and creating a better world tomorrow. And what better way than to help them experience and live a sustainable life?

Hence when we were designing the school, we put a great emphasis on creating a green campus. With this goal, we took cues from traditional Indian architecture where forts and palaces remained cool in summers and warm in winters.

We also took on two additional challenges:

  • To find unconventional and simple approaches, which benefit from natural energies and complex technologies.
  • To achieve a green architecture saving 8-10% in project cost to prove wrong the general notion that to build green you have to spend an additional 10%.

Thus started the journey of research and brainstorming. Thinking with an open mind, challenging the present norms of the industry and keeping things as simple as possible, we devised our plan and accordingly built the Pathways School Gurgaon Campus.

We believe that this can, and should be the game changer in the way forward for sustainable architecture in the world. The present notion that "to build green you have to cough up about 10% more in the project cost is a huge block. And as the developers will learn that actually by going green they will save 8-10% in the project cost, there will be no one going not for green!"