Selina Holmes
1 minute read

See how LEED grew from 19 pilot projects to over 100,000.

On Nov. 7, USGBC announced that we have reached the milestone of over 100,000 registered and certified commercial LEED projects around the world. These buildings and interior spaces are using LEED to promote occupant health, address energy and water usage, decrease waste, meet ESG goals and provide better lives.

This work could not have been done without the commitment and support of a wide range of stakeholders, including USGBC’s membership.

The infographic below tells the story of how LEED grew from 19 pilot projects in 1998 to over 100,000 projects in 2019.

Also, see our new flipbook, The Road to 100,000, featuring 50 LEED-certified projects that showcase the breadth and reach of LEED. Click on each page to see more details of the projects in their profiles.

infographic of 100,000 LEED commercial projects

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