Mahesh Ramanujam
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CEO Mahesh Ramanujam shares insights and updates.

Welcome to this month's insights from Mahesh.

"It’s been an exciting few months at USGBC: we launched LEED v4.1, we held IMPACT, the Green Schools Conference and Expo, Rocky Mountain Green and Greenbuild Europe, and just last week, we issued our first Living Standard research report.

I want to thank all of you—our broad network of members—for making all of this possible, and for your continued investment in our mission. There would be no USBGC or LEED without your leadership and support. I am honored to be a part of this community of leaders, who are truly committed to building a better world and a better future." —Mahesh

What Mahesh is reading

The Four X Factors of Exceptional Leaders by David Reimer, Adam Bryant and Harry Feuerstein

Understanding what differentiates a great leader from a good leader will help companies make the right choices for the top jobs. View the article.

USGBC members

To date, we have welcomed more than 300 new members in 2019.

Female leadership powers the green building community by Mary Schrott

On International Women’s Day, USGBC recognizes the women advocating for healthier environments in our local USGBC communities. In 2018, these women helped states like Texas, Illinois, Massachusetts, Washington and New York achieve the highest levels of green building per capita and rank on USGBC’s annual Top 10 States for LEED list. View the article.


Residential Research Quarterly: March 2019 by Alysson Blackwelder

Check out USGBC’s first-quarter roundup of the top research on residential green building. View the article.

USGBC news

Storytelling for Sustainability: How Opening Up Can Open a Whole New Frontier—Sustainable Brands by Mahesh Ramanujam

Our community has made tremendous strides in building a better world, but if we leverage the combined power of people and data to build a better narrative, we can open up a whole new era of possibilities. We’ve got to put some soul in sustainability. View the article.

From the CEO's office

USGBC releases the first Living Standard U.S. Public Research report by Mahesh Ramanujam

Read Living Standard’s in-depth research on people’s views of the environment. View the article.

Plaque presentations

Rochester Named First LEED Gold City in Minnesota and Recognized for Achieving Sustainability and Resiliency Goals by City of Rochester

The City of Rochester is pleased to announce that it has achieved LEED Gold certification. View the article.

In case you missed it

LEED v4.1 launches for cities and communities by Selina Holmes

USGBC launches registration for LEED v4.1 for new, developing and existing cities and communities. View the article.

On the move

Mahesh Ramanujam takes the stage at GSCE x IMPACT in Saint Paul last week. Follow Mahesh on Twitter.