Not too long ago, I lived in Las Vegas, where I would go downtown every first Saturday of the month. I would attend a speaker series where locals from around the valley, some known and some unknown, would share their stories. It was unlike anything I had experienced, and I always left feeling inspired and alive.

What I learned was that everyone has a story, and that story has the power to heal, the power to teach, the power to change lives…but that can only happen if the story is shared.

Sharing doesn’t mean every person has to be on stage or interviewed. Your life is a platform. The underlying truth is that when you open up to other people, they will open up to you. And that is why I’m very proud to announce a new show, Changemakers@USGBC.

This podcast series will feature remarkable individuals—some who are seasoned pros, and others who are sharing their stories for the first time. We are going beyond the buildings and talking to you, our amazing community. This series is meant to bring more light into your life. Intimate, thought-provoking and eye-opening conversations will leave you feeling inspired and maybe even move you to action.

Sustainability will be at the core of the podcast. On our first episode, the Rev. Dr. Ambrose Carroll says it best: “We realize that we’re all on this planet together. That’s sustainability. If the majority of us are not healthy, then we’re all unhealthy. So we’re coming to it because all of our liberation is tied to the health and wellness of all.”

Time is precious, and all of us have busy lives; we get that. But you don’t have to carve out extra time just for us. You can listen to Changemakers@USGBC on the go or play it in the background. And please note, this isn’t a one-way street. This show is for you, so we want to hear from you. Perhaps you’ll be our next guest? 

Changemakers@USGBC premieres today, September 29. In our first show, we have a conversation about God, sustainability, finding your calling and so much more...enjoy! 

New episodes will be posted bi-weekly. We'd love to know what you think. Leave a comment below or use #ChangemakersUSGBC on social media.

Tune in to #USGBC's new #podcast series: #ChangemakersUSGBC; we go beyond just #buildings.

Listen to the podcast.