Joseph Crea

Hello everyone!

USGBC’s policy analyst, Maggie Comstock and I have developed a top five list of exciting topics at Greenbuild 2013 for the global green building professional. Are you joining us in Philadelphia? Participate in suggested sessions and activities and learn more about USGBC’s international programs.

Not able to make it this year? No problem! Greenbuild is the world’s largest international conference and expo for the green building industry for a reason. We've laid out several ways for our international friends and colleagues to participate in Greenbuild remotely.

Please email me, Joe, at to learn more about USGBC’s international programs and activities and get a daily recap of events. Also be sure to follow us on Twitter, Joe (@CacciatoreCrea) and Maggie (@MaggieComstock), for the latest and any questions you may have.

5. Green Buildings and Human Health

At Greenbuild

  • Attend session A03: The Imperative of Sustainable Healthcare Architecture (20 Nov., 8:00-9:00AM)
  • Attend session XW22: What’s Next: The Future of Sustainable Healthcare Design (21 Nov., 11:00-12:00PM)

Participate Remotely

  • Watch the recording of F15: Health Matters and Green Building Can Help (To Be Posted the Evening (EST) of 21 Nov here)

4. Green Schools: Where We Learn Matters

At Greenbuild

  • Visit the Center for Green Schools pod in the Greenbuild Nation Lounge to learn about the Global Coalition for Green Schools and also check out Green Apple booth.

Participate Remotely

  • Tune in to the live webcast of the International Summit Luncheon Plenary featuring a panel on the Global Coalition for Green Schools                 

3. Focusing on Performance and Existing Buildings

At Greenbuild

  • Attend C15: LEED v4 and Performance (20 Nov., 3:30-4:30PM)
  • Meet in the international lounge to see launch of global EB case study and learn how you can enter a contest to be the next existing building project to get an infographic (20 Nov., 11:00AM-12:00PM, International Lounge)

Participate Remotely

  • Enter a contest to be the next existing building project to get an infographic (e-mail Joe Crea,
  • Watch the recording of C15: LEED v4 and Performance (To Be Posted the Evening (EST) of 20 Nov here)

2. Make Yourself at Home

At Greenbuild

  • Attend the CO5: Building Community session, Grangegorman Masterplan in Dublin (20 Nov., 3:30-4:30PM)
  • Attend session D12: Energy Performance Scores in Residential Efficiency Programs (21 Nov., 8:00-9:00AM)
  • Attend session E05: Paseo Verde: Case Study of a LEED ND & Homes Mixed-Use TOD (21 Nov., 9:30-10:30AM)

1. LEED v4: Local, Regional, Global

At Greenbuild

  • Attend the International Summit(19 Nov., 9:00AM-5:30PM)
  • Attend LEED: Local, Regional, Global - Connect & Learn (21 Nov., 12:30-1:30PM, Rm 108A)
  • LEED v4 International Project Update - Visit the international lounge to learn more about how LEED v4 is the new solution to continuing to make LEED a globally-consistent program (20 Nov., 12:00PM – 1:00PM, International Lounge)
  • Your LEED Technical Development and Global Equivalencies Questions Answered - Visit the international lounge to chat about equivalency work with technical staff (22 Nov., 10:00AM – 11:00AM, International Lounge)
  • Connect in the international lounge for LEED Earth presentation (20 Nov., 10:00-11:00AM, International Lounge)
  • LEED Around the World: Reports—Stop by the international lounge to learn more about a series of country-specific LEED-based reports to be launched in 2014 and how you can participate (20 Nov., 2:00-3:00PM, International Lounge)

Participate Remotely

  • Join Joe and Maggie for a Google Hangout each day to get a sneak peak of what’s going on at Greenbuild and USGBC Wednesday and Thursday morning at 8AM EST – Visit USGBC’s Google+ page to learn more
  • Tell us why #LEEDWorks using this hashtag and you may be retweeted to thousands.
  • E-mail Joe ( to win a chance to be the next building featured in our existing building infographic campaign

Bonus Feature!

  • Learn more about Green Building News Resource (21 Nov., 2:00-3:00PM, International Lounge)