Heather Benjamin

The Better Buildings Summit showcases energy efficiency solutions and local green buildings..

Join USGBC for a cross-sector dialogue on energy efficiency solutions at the 2017 Better Buildings Summit in Washington, D.C., this spring. USGBC is an affiliate of the Better Buildings program.

Dan Winters, Head of North America for GRESB, a USGBC sister organization, will present at the summit, which runs May 15–17 at the Washington Hilton Hotel.

At this national meeting, organizations showcase solutions to cut energy intensity in their buildings by 20 percent over the next 10 years. The summit is designed for stakeholders to exchange best practices and discuss future opportunities for greater energy efficiency in America’s homes and buildings.

Speakers from the commercial, industrial, public, multifamily, residential and data center sectors will share how they draw on energy efficiency technologies, business practices and partnerships to save money on utility bills, create new jobs and improve their organization’s competitiveness.

Eleven properties currently pursuing LEED certification are participating in the Showcase Building Tours on May 15. Visit projects as diverse as an apartment complex, a school, an office tower, a hotel, an automotive plant and even the U.S. Capitol. Learn what energy and water efficiency measures these projects are using to achieve their energy reduction goals and save money.

Take this opportunity to be part of the conversation on energy efficiency in the built environment, and meet us at the summit.

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