Lee Cooke

USGBC Florida works in many ways to advance green building and educate the public.

USGBC Florida has long been committed to removing market barriers to a clean, green economy; to educating the public, the business community and our elected officials about green buildings and sustainability; and to accelerating the uptake of green building practice and maintaining issue awareness.

Over the past decade, our volunteers' advocacy efforts have been impressive and their successes laudable. We have

  • Worked to strategically enact real and meaningful change through local codes.
  • Advocated for the use of LEED in more of our local communities.
  • Encouraged the construction of more green schools and the collection of key building performance data.
  • Opened dialogue regarding cities' determination of equivalency in ratings systems.
  • Collaborated to green the Multiple Listing Service.
  • Met with local elected officials in their offices throughout the Sunshine State to advance local green-building policies.
  • Descended on Tallahassee to educate and advocate during legislative sessions.
  • Worked to advance the positions of USGBC before trade associations, other nonprofit organizations and the general public.

We have several things going for us, such as

  • Facts and data about the benefits of green buildings (i.e., high-performance buildings deliver measurable and significant environmental and fiscal benefits, create quality jobs and pay dividends and reap rewards for investors and occupants).
  • A passionate, educated group of volunteers and professionals who care about the communities in which they live.

That's a combination that's tough to beat, regardless of detractors and self-interest groups.

Local issues with which USGBC Florida is helping

  • Building energy and water efficiency strategy—Orlando
  • Battle of the Buildings—Orlando
  • Building Efficiency 305 Initiative—Miami-Dade County
  • Solar and net metering—JEA/Jacksonville
  • ACEEE City Energy Efficiency Scorecard—Orlando, Miami, Tampa and Jacksonville
  • LEED for Cities—Orlando and City of Atlantic Beach
  • Resiliency and sea level rise education and discussion—statewide
  • Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE)—various counties

Resources to advocate for a greener future

How to get involved in advocacy

USGBC Florida believes that we have an obligation to leave behind a better world for our children. Sometimes, that means environmental education. Other times, it means championing facts. It can also mean facilitating conversations and proactively advocating for green building policies.

Join us as a leading voice, encouraging conservation of Florida's natural resources.If you are interested in making a difference via support of smart building policies to ensure a better, healthier planet, email Sarah Boren, Director of Market Transformation and Development, USGBC Florida.