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The awards recognize outstanding leadership and innovation for green buildings in Colorado.

USGBC Colorado is happy to announce the winners of the 2019 Mountain Region Leadership Awards for Colorado. The Mountain Region celebrates the best of green building and sustainable market transformation through the annual Leadership Awards, recognizing leadership in buildings, technology, partners and individuals at the local and regional levels.

The awardees were selected from a group of project submissions of LEED-certified buildings and sustainable organizations in Colorado across several categories. The categories included new construction projects, existing buildings, schools, innovative design, residential projects and health care projects, community champion and organization of the year.

Colorado award winners

Organization of the Year: Thrive Home Builders

Thrive Home Builders has made a commitment to achieving LEED certification on every home built in 2018 and beyond. EnergyLogic worked with them to tailor a certification strategy that allowed all of the homes they build—from income-qualified attached housing to luxury net-zero energy homes—to achieve LEED v4.1 certification. Thrive certified more than 200 homes across the Denver metro in 2018.

Innovative Design, New Construction: 16th and Chestnut

16 Chestnut is a 19-story, 648,000-square-foot speculative office building with ground-floor retail, two levels of below-grade parking and four levels of above-grade structured parking. The project location is in the Union Station neighborhood of Denver, which is experiencing large-scale renovation of historic buildings and development of new offices, hotels and residences.

The project achieved LEED Platinum certification with 82 points, through energy efficiency and a 55kW solar array system, 45 percent indoor water use reduction, 75 percent construction waste diversion, and 20 percent of building materials made up of recycled and regional content, by cost.

Community Champion: The University of Colorado’s Center for Academic Success and Engagement (CASE)

The University of Colorado’s new Center for Academic Success and engagement (CASE), located in the heart of the iconic Boulder campus, will become the university’s new front door, welcoming a full range of users and visitors. CASE will facilitate the outreach and engagement between the university and its local, regional and global contexts.

Sustainability highlights include the Sage Glass at Level 4 West and East terraces. This self-dimming glazing is used to dim as the sun exposure increases, minimizing heat gain as well as providing views without glare. Also, the building occupies space above the existing Euclid parking ramp, so it does not take up green space, and introduces new sources of vegetation onto the site. Even though it is located is at the busiest crossroads on campus, the project complies with reduced nighttime lighting standards.

Building Performance: Namaste Solar

As one of the only local Colorado solar companies still in business after 13 years, Namaste has built a long track record of success, while also creating something unique: an employee-owned cooperative and a B corporation that runs its business as a force for good in our communities.

As part of an expansion, Namaste needed to build a new 24,000-square-foot office space. A combination of factors led the company to choose an urban location on Federal Boulevard west of downtown Denver. This not only bought life to an abandoned space, it was also in a central location, near a bus, trains and a bicycle path.

The goal was to create a sustainable LEED space powered by a large solar array on the roof. Namaste understood the value of a rigorous, reputable, third-party sustainability certification, and achieved LEED Silver under LEED v4.

Building Performance: University of Colorado Champions Center

Populous renovated the University of Colorado Champions Center, which debuted as a LEED Platinum facility in 2015. Daylighting of the indoor field was a high priority, and extensive analyses were conducted. The design affords 99 percent operation without artificial illumination. Maximum LEED points were awarded for energy reduction (19 points). Actual project energy use is 67.68 percent compared to the baseline building. The project also achieved maximum renewable energy points (7 points) for an 850 kW PV system generating 38.26 percent of energy on site (by cost) and is a net zero indoor practice facility. Building efficiency was also a top priority, earning the maximum number of energy credits.

University of Colorado fans and athletes now have access to an environment that unites academics, sports performance, community and athletics into one cohesive complex.

Volunteer Leadership Award: Domenic Martinelli

Domenic Martinelli is the co-chair of USGBC Colorado’s Emerging Professionals Committee. He has been a volunteer for USGBC for over three years, helping to execute monthly committee meetings, as well as 15 events. He is also the lead for the Emerging Professionals' annual Bike to Work Day tour.

Martinelli is a planner for Commerce City, Colorado, a suburb of approximately 55,000 residents. In his role, Martinelli wears many different hats, including working with the development community from initial concept all the way to final approval on a number of proposed residential, commercial and industrial projects. He evaluates long-range growth and development of the city from land use and transportation perspectives and works with City Council and other elected officials on a variety of topics. Martinelli incorporates sustainable development practices and principles of LEED on a variety of scales.

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