Doug Widener

Market Leadership Advisory Board

USGBC Ohio is lead by the Ohio Market Leadership Advisory Board. This group of strategic influencers represents the four regions of Ohio listed below and work with the USGBC community team and our partners across the state to develop and implement programming and initiatives that support green building in Ohio. The selected Market Leadership Advisory Board members represent diverse perspectives and sectors to grow and deepen USGBC’s relationships in the state. We welcome these leaders and look forward to working with them as we launch USGBC Ohio and further our shared vision of green buildings for all in the Buckeye State in the year ahead!

2017 USGBC Ohio Market Leadership Advisory Board members:

  • Chair: Michael J. Berning, Heapy Engineering
  • Vice Chair: Bill Paollilo, Welty Building Company
  • Secretary: Erin Miller, American Municipal Power
  • Budget Liaison: Melissa Doughty, Jacobs Engineering
  • Advocacy Chair: David Scott, Brennan Manna and Diamond
  • Education/Programs Chair: Open
  • Membership/Partnership Chair: Paul Etzler, Skoda Minotti
  • Communications/Development Chair: Jim Ratliff, Champlin Architecture
  • Cindy Cicigoi, Cleveland 2030 District
  • Tyler Steele, Hines
  • Karen Walker, The JDI Group
  • Andrew Plogsted, GBBN
  • Jill Ziegler, Forest City
  • Stephanie Corbett, Case Western Reserve University
  • Greg Wright, Heapy Engineering
  • Staff Co-Chair: Doug Widener, USGBC


USGBC Ohio accomplishes its work through four Regional Leadership Teams that plan events, initiatives and education programs across the state: Central Ohio, Northeast Ohio, Northwest Ohio and Southwest Ohio.

Central Ohio Region

  • President: Seth Trance, DLR Group
  • Co-Vice President: Jacqueline Langhals, Ohio Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
  • Co-Vice President: Scott Semroc, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation
  • Secretary, DuWayne Baird, CLEAResult
  • Budget Liaison: Carlos Lugo, The Ohio State University
  • Advocacy Chair: Jerry Smith, Smith Green Health
  • Education/Programs Chair, Alex Clapper, Heapy Engineering
  • Communications/Development Chair, Tammie Wareham, DesignGroup
  • Membership/Partnership Chair, DeEtte DeWeese, Johnstone Supply
  • Emerging Professionals Chair: Scott Semroc, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation
  • Julia Noschang, CLEAResult
  • Lisa Laney, Retired, Ohio Facilities Construction Commission
  • Tyler Steele, Hines
  • David Scott, Brennan Manna and Diamond, LLC
  • Lois Hall, Ohio Public Health Association
  • Dan Barringer, STAR Consultants
  • Erin Miller, American Municipal Power

Northeast Ohio Region

  • President: Tom West, Cushman Wakefield/CRESCO
  • Vice President, Nicole Stika, Greater Cleveland Partnership
  • Secretary: Lisa Pim Peterson, Weber Murphy Fox Architects
  • Budget Liaison: Paul Etzler
  • Advocacy Chair, Tom West, Cushman Wakefield/CRESCO>
  • Education and Programs Chair: Cindy Cicigoi, Cleveland 2030 District
  • Communications Chair, Stephanie Corbett, Case Western Reserve University
  • Development/Sponsorship Chair, Bill Thrush (Development), Thompson Hine
  • Membership/Partnership Chair, Nicole Stika Greater Cleveland Partnership
  • Emerging Professionals Chair: Michael Wallenstein, Neptune Plumbing
  • Green Schools, Margaret Hewitt, The Construction Green Team
  • Craig Miller, Duffy & Duffy Cost Segmentation Services
  • Valerie Molinski
  • Bill Paollilo, Welty Building Company
  • Jill Ziegler, Forest City Realty Trust
  • Meagan Moore, Brouse McDowell, LPA
  • Matt Pietro, Michael Huston, AECOM

Northwest Ohio Region

  • President: Farah Wissinger, Mode Associates
  • Secretary: Shae Jameel, Welltower
  • Education and Programs Chair: Shae Jameel
  • Karen Walker, The JDI Group, Inc.
  • Melissa Greene, Lucas County Sustainability Commission
  • Greg Wright, Heapy Engineering

Southwest Ohio Region

  • President: Ryan Hoffman, Heapy Engineering
  • Past President: Eric Anderson, KZF Design
  • Vice Presdident: Open
  • Secretary: Brian Phalen, University of Cincinnati
  • Budget Liaison: David Tsevat, Architect
  • Advocacy Chair: Ravik Chandra, Sol Design
  • Advocacy Chair: Dan Egbers, USI
  • Education and Programs Chair: Melissa Doughty, Jacobs
  • Education and Programs Chair: Savannah Pocisk, Student
  • Communications and Development Chair: Alicia Blum, KZF Design
  • Communications/Development Chair: Jim Ratliff, Champlin Architecture
  • Membership and Partnership Chair: Christopher Wold, Nielsen
  • Emerging Professionals Chair: Christen Lubbers, Architecture Foundation of Cincinnati
  • Development, Michael Berning, Heapy Engineering

Staff and Consultants

  • Doug Widener, East North Central Regional Director, USGBC
  • Eric Porr, Program Manager, USGBC, Central Ohio Region
  • Lisa Pim Peterson, Program Manager (Consultant), Northeast Ohio
  • MaryEllen Etienne, Program Manager (Consultant), Southwest Ohio Region


USGBC Ohio has four statewide committees that correlate to our areas of focus and meeting our mission: Advocacy, Education and Programs, Membership and Partnership and Communications and Development. We are currently selecting our statewide and regional leaders for these committees. Details are forthcoming on these leaders and how to contact them to get involved in one of our focus areas.