Lee Cooke

Learn how resiliency actions taken in Florida plan for sea level rise, climate change impacts and extreme weather.

USGBC Florida has recently made available to members a report by attorney and former South Florida region board member Erin L. Deady and Associate Attorney Danielle Schwabe. The report, Strategies in Florida Resiliency Planning on State and Local Levels, covers resiliency actions taken in the state that plan for such events as sea level rise, climate change impacts, salt water intrusion, flooding and extreme weather.

Addressing state-level planning, as well as sharing a wealth of detail on local government actions, the report shows how every initiative works toward the common goal of planning for resiliency in Florida based on solid data and infrastructure analysis.

Download this resource to learn more about

  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection and Department of Economic Opportunity community planning efforts, guidance and technical assistance.
  • Local actions taken by Broward County, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami Beach, Monroe County and Sarasota to mitigate climate impacts.
  • Regional collaboration from across the state that helps achieve consensus on sea level rise projections for consistent decision-making across jurisdictional boundaries.

As the report states, the time for questioning why adaptation planning is needed is past. Presently, throughout the state we need case studies that address specific local challenges. City and county planners can learn best practices from one another to identify productive methods for the best ways to implement resiliency adaptation strategies and post-disaster redevelopment—the recovery of our communities in the future will depend on their success.

Download the full report