Ever feel tongue tied when you are out there advocating for green buildings?

How do you explain the environmental, health and financial benefits of green buildings to the media? To your mom? What about to a local union rep, or a school teacher? What kind of story do you tell?

This week on June 8, Urban Green Council, the USGBC Chapter based in New York City, will host Speak Green, a conference for green building professionals on how to message the value of green buildings and communities to the general public and other critical stakeholders. Sponsored by Carrier Corporation, the conference will feature panel discussions exploring lessons learned, roadblocks to widespread adoption, and messaging strategies from a variety of perspectives. USGBC's own Judith Webb, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications and 30-year media strategist, will lay the foundation for the conversation on green building messaging – and an array of expert speakers will offer expert advice from around the industry. Speakers include Duane Bray of global design firm IDEO, Pat DiFilippo of Turner Construction, John Mandyck of Carrier Corporation, Kim Slicklein of OgilvyEarth Worldwide, and many more. Curtis Ravenel, Global Head of Bloomberg's Sustainability Group, will deliver the keynote.

In our professional training efforts as green building advocates and leaders, the critical topic of messaging and persuasion is often overlooked. No matter what your role or experience in the green building movement, effective communication is something we can all practice and improve. In the end, our movement is all about people. The relationships we build and people we engage will truly help us reach our vision of green buildings and communities for all within this generation.

Tickets are still available to Speak Green – significant discounts are available for LEED APs and students.

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