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The July 1st quarterly addenda to the LEED rating systems and reference guides are now available. This release includes addenda for both LEED v4 and LEED 2009.

View the changes:


Eleven LEED Interpretations (10388-10397, 10244) were published. Some highlights include:

  • Guidance classifying electronic cigarettes as a form of smoking for the purposes of both the interior and exterior smoking provisions of the EQ Prerequisite Environmental Tobacco Smoke Control (also applicable to LEED v4)
  • Guidance on classifying directed biogas purchases and how to include purchased renewables in the Energy Model
  • Clarification on how to calculate refrigerant leakage rates for LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance v2009, particularly when CFC-based refrigerants are maintained within a building
  • Revisions to LEED Interpretation 10244 clarifying how the commissioning agent can be included in single-entity contracting methods


For LEED v4, 43 corrections were published (100001813-100001855). Too see all corrections, download the Reference Guide Correction Tables.

Highlights include:

  • EQ Credit Green Cleaning - Products and Materials: Environmental Choice green cleaning standards from the Environmental Choice has been replaced with UL EcoLogo
  • In five Sustainable Site credits, the term “previously developed” has been replaced with  “previously disturbed”
    • “Previously disturbed" includes onsite areas that are disturbed, graded, cleared, compacted, etc. “Previously developed” is now only a Location and Transportation term
  • GIB Credit Heat Island Reduction: the vegetated roof threshold was corrected to be 75% instead of 50%

For LEED v4, corrections were made to four forms and three calculators, including:

  • LT Credit Bicycle Facilities (LEED ID+C): Added Table: Showers to Hospitality form. Removed Table: Showers from Retail form
  • SS Credit Site Development—Protect or Restore Habitat (LEED BD+C): Under Option 1, replaced the term “previously developed” with “previously disturbed”
  • SS Credit Site Improvement Plan (LEED O+M): Under Option 1, replaced the term “previously developed” with “previously disturbed”
  • EQ Credit Indoor Air Quality Assessment (LEED BD+C, ID+C): Removed checkbox for new filtration media from Option 1, Path 2
  • EQ Daylight and Quality Views Calculator: Under Daylight, Option 1, removed check for sDA from the criteria met column
  • EQ Green Cleaning Calculator: Modified referenced standards
  • EQ Low-Emitting Materials Calculator: In the assumptions table, revised Canadian VOC limits and added CARB 2007 limits

 For LEED 2009, corrections were made to one calculator:

  • Water Use Reduction Calculator (LEED 2009): Corrected errors from previous version, including incorrect uses per day calculation. Added override functions for special circumstances, modified built-in dual flush calculator, added functionality for custom naming of tabs, streamlined output fields and added content for BD+C, ID+C, and Retail/Healthcare project types

Updated versions of the affected forms and calculators will be available for project team use beginning on July 15, 2014. For a complete list of form and calculator updates, visit the Addenda Database or usgbc.org/sampleforms.


LEED 2009 Neighborhood Development Global ACPs have been integrated into the LEED 2009 Neighborhood Development rating system along with the release of the LEED 2009 ND Global ACP Reference Guide Supplement. The ACPs are designed to address the unique needs of projects outside the U.S. through the inclusion of local equivalent language and the addition of alternative options or approaches to meet LEED requirements. View the updated rating system document.

LEED 2009 East Asia Regional ACPs have been released for two credits in LEED 2009 BD+C and LEED 2009 ID+C rating systems. IEQ Credit 3 and 3.1 Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan - During Construction and IEQ Credit 5 Indoor Chemical and Pollutant Source Control now include a local filtration equivalent.

The LEED 2009 ACPs for East Asia will be available through the LEED Credit Library and will be collated in the following supplemental reference guides:

  • LEED 2009 BD+C: New Construction, Schools, and Core and Shell ACP Reference Guide Supplement
  • LEED 2009 BD+C: Retail and Healthcare ACP Reference Guide Supplement
  • LEED 2009 ID+C: Commercial Interiors and LEED 2009 ID+C: Retail ACP Reference Guide Supplement

LEED v4 Canada Regional ACPs have been integrated into the LEED v4 rating systems for the following credits:


This quarter, five new modules have been added to the LEED v4 web-based reference guides. Learn more.

Haven’t seen the new guides? View the sample credits:

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