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View our quarterly LEED rating system and reference guide addenda for July 2018.

The July 2018 quarterly LEED rating system and reference guide addenda is now available.

To view the changes:


Six new LEED Interpretations (10474–10479) were published:

  • LEED Interpretation 10474 provides clarifications regarding Environmental Tobacco Smoke and cannabis.
  • LEED Interpretations 10475 and 10476 provide clarifications for campus projects documenting compliance with LEED v4 WE prerequisite Building-Level Water Metering.
  • LEED Interpretation 10477 provides guidance for LEED homes v2008 project teams requesting to use Title 24–2016 for the Energy and Atmosphere credit category.
  • LEED Interpretation 10478 provides clarifications on the types of washer hoses that can be used to meet the interior moisture control measure for washing machines.
  • LEED Interpretation 10479 provides guidance for LEED homes projects attempting to earn credit for waste diversion through LEED BD+C: New Construction strategies.


Reference guide corrections were published for all LEED v4 reference guides.

  • A correction to Minimum Program Requirement 1. Must Be in a Permanent Location on Existing Land clarifies the definition of reclaimed and existing land.
  • A correction to Step by Step guidance for air testing procedures has been made within the LEED v4 for Building Design and Construction and the LEED v4 for Interior Design and Construction reference guides.

To see all corrections, download the reference guide tables.

Updates to existing corrections

  • Correction 100002080 was updated to include a clarification on an exception applying only to LEED v4 BD+C projects.
  • Correction 100001842 was updated to revise table headers within Indoor Environmental Quality credit Indoor Air Quality Assessment.

Pilot credits


BPDO Calculator published an update on April 9. See form update 5000082.