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The October 2018 quarterly LEED rating system and reference guide addenda is now available.

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Four new LEED Interpretations (10482–10485) were published:

  • LEED Interpretation 10482 provides guidance for project teams located in markets where water authorities/utilities do not currently bill customers based on water consumption.
  • LEED Interpretation 10483 provides clarifications on using a pilot Alternative Compliance Path to earn points under the Innovation credit.
  • LEED Interpretation 10484 provides clarifications on the use of internally reviewed Type III product-specific EPDs.
  • LEED Interpretation 10485 provides guidance for projects attempting to provide a combination of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging spaces and preferred parking for green vehicles.


Rating system and Reference Guide corrections were published for the LEED v4 Homes rating system: To see all corrections, download the reference guide tables.

Pilot credits/innovation strategies

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