Heather Benjamin

At Greenbuild Chicago, learn more about how entire cities and communities can set an example for healthy, sustainable living.

LEED for Cities and LEED for Communities, USGBC's certification pilots, are already bringing a new level of leadership to cities and communities around the world. City planners can transform their localities into sustainable, prosperous places that improve the quality of life for all residents and set an example for others worldwide.

In September alone, USGBC recognized four new LEED-certified cities and communities. The recent certifications show how local leaders are working to demonstrate their commitment to continuous improvement. Using Arc, cities and communities can gain LEED certification based on 14 key metrics that include energy, water, waste, transportation, education, health, safety, prosperity and equitability.

Additionally, cities and communities can continuously measure their respective unique challenges and priorities on more than 200 parameters, already available on Arc.

Greenbuild sessions on LEED for Cities and Communities

At Greenbuild Chicago, to be held November 14–16 at McCormick Place, learn more about what LEED can do to holistically promote sustainability, prosperity, and human health and wellness in cities and communities.

In particular, pre-show workshops and participation in the International Summit bring opportunities to go more in-depth with this comprehensive new tool:

Workshop: LEED for Cities

Tues., November 13, 1–5 p.m.

With its new LEED for Cities and LEED for Communities certification programs, USGBC encourages innovation in sustainability on a broader scale than ever before. Take a deep look into the information needed to pursue certification. Understand certification options, best practices for improving urban sustainability and quality of life, and the new options available through LEED for Cities. Attendees will gain the knowledge needed to successfully mobilize and pursue LEED for Cities projects.

International Summit session: LEED for Cities and Communities

Tues., November 13, 2–3 p.m.

This session during the International Summit explores how cities must continuously innovate locally effective solutions. They can lead by advancing a healthier, more sustainable way of life, implementing U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, moving the Paris Agreement on climate forward, ensuring resilient infrastructure and advancing equitable growth. To succeed, cities need cutting-edge tools to measure and manage performance of citywide infrastructure, services, sustainability and quality of life. Three projects will showcase how they have used LEED for Cities performance data to focus on the targeted metrics for a particular initiative and to communicate continuous improvement.

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