David Marcus

One of my favorite parts of the Olympics is the behind the scenes featurettes of different athletes. I love seeing home videos of their childhood athletic pursuits, hearing stories about how much time and effort went into honing their skill, and then finally witnessing their status as the high performing athletes they’ve become.

I've noticed that for much of the four-year gap between each Olympic games the efforts of these elite athletes go uncelebrated. For a brief period of 16 days, every four years, their performance is measured and scored and the world takes notice. But despite this gap in recognition, these athletes are measuring their performance every day.

Just like our athletes, we reward our high-performing buildings with Platinum, Gold, Silver and Certified designations. Our buildings are alive and implement initiatives year-round that keep their sustainability goals on track for record success. Training as an elite athlete in the Olympics and getting started with the LEED Dynamic Plaque begins with measuring and scoring performance.

What is the period of time during which we tell the performance story of a building?

For projects engaging with the LEED Dynamic Plaque, the performance period is 365 days and a key element of the platform that defines the boundaries of the Performance Score. Why does the performance period matter? It’s the window of time during which measured building data is scored. The score reflected in the platform represents a rolling annual average of the data provided. Critically, it is also the period for which GBCI reviews a performance score.

Project teams, engaging with the platform, input measured building data over the course of the 365 day performance period, and then submit that data as well as supporting documentation to GBCI for review. Let’s look at a sample project that signed up for a five-year subscription with the LEED Dynamic Plaque on June 1, 2016. Their first performance period would extend from 6/1/2016 – 5/31/17. Year 2 would extend from 6/1/17 – 5/31/18 and so on until 2021.

Project teams should make sure they understand their performance period and that their documentation covers all data reported within the timeframe, before submitting documentation to GBCI. One of the most common review comments that GBCI provides to project teams that are engaging with the platform to maintain certification is the lack of sufficient documentation to cover the entire performance period.

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