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USGBC’s mission is to bring the environmental and human health benefits of green buildings to all, and it is committed to accelerating the adoption of LEED in new and existing markets. 

LEED Earth offers certification at no cost to the first Platinum project in any country to certify using the newest version of LEED (v4). It also offers free certification to the first project to be LEED-certified in one of the more than 100 countries where LEED has yet to take root. 

The LEED Earth Project Pioneers series spotlights those who have set a new standard of green building leadership in their countries, sharing both the successes achieved and challenges navigated. 

ITC Sankya Data Center

ITC Sankya Data Center is the first LEED v4 Platinum building in India, and the first data center in the world to achieve this level of certification under LEED v4. With the Indian data center infrastructure market expected to total $2 billion in 2016—a 5.2 percent increase from the year prior—sustainable design, construction and operation practices for these buildings is critical. 

Data centers are unique projects because they have very few occupants and are huge energy users—a data center can consume as much energy as a small town. Whereas a typical building is designed to meet heating and cooling needs for occupant comfort, a data center must have massive cooling capacity for its servers. By extension, reducing water use is also a key target for data centers that use it for cooling purposes.  These specific needs are incorporated into the data center adaptation, which, along with adaptations for other unique space types such as warehouses or hospitality or health care facilities, is a new feature of LEED v4 designed to bring even more solutions tailored to the built environment. 

“This is a proud moment for ITC and this LEED certification will be a cherished achievement in the company’s sustainability journey,” said Chitranjan Dar, group head of ITC’s Central Project Organization, R&D and EHS. “As a carbon-, water- and solid waste recycling-positive company, we have endeavored to contribute to a better tomorrow. Our leadership to the green building movement in India through LEED certification is an important manifestation of our commitment to shape a sustainable future for the generations to come.” 

ITC, the Kolkata-based conglomerate, has been spearheading green building leadership and LEED adoption in India for years, primarily through their marquee hotels. ITC is the first hotel chain in India to incorporate green as a business strategy, and all of its LEED-certified luxury hotels achieved the highest level of distinction: Platinum. 

LEED around the world

Currently, there are 160 countries and territories using LEED. LEED Earth has helped catalyze green building in markets where sustainable building practices are not as prevalent, and it is an important first step in steering communities toward a more resilient, healthy and sustainable future. 

To date, India, China, Mexico and Canada have certified their first LEED v4 Platinum buildings. Countries that have certified their first LEED building as part of the campaign include Bolivia, Burundi, Croatia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Ghana, Honduras, Kenya, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Myanmar, Pakistan, Serbia, South Sudan, Tanzania, Ukraine and Venezuela. 

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