Heather Benjamin

The update provides innovative ways to accomplish goals from LEED v4.

Continuous improvement is a hallmark of LEED. When developing our rating systems, USGBC relies on feedback from our members, communities, LEED users and other stakeholders to help us examine what’s needed to enable LEED to grow its impact in the world of green building.

Enter LEED v4.1, an update that provides innovative ways to accomplish goals from LEED v4, including the integration of both strategies and performance. Launched earlier this year, this incremental step does not represent a full version change in our rating system, but rather a more inclusive and streamlined approach to credits and points. It's also more focused on performance, as measured through the Arc platform.

USGBC has begun beta testing LEED v4.1 with existing buildings, using LEED for Building Operations and Maintenance. We have also published a breakdown of the changes to LEED v4 that will be included in our other rating systems.

Watch our video series introducing LEED v4.1, starting with "Welcome to LEED v4.1 for Existing Buildings":

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