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Selina Holmes

Read and watch these LEED v4 courses for free in July and August.

LEED v4 is helping to transform the building marketplace, with more than 5,000+ registered and certified projects, totaling 1.3 billion gross square feet of space. As these projects work toward LEED certification, we are committed to supporting their journey, and one of the most critical tools is education.

This summer, USGBC is showcasing education featuring LEED v4—starting with a list of great resources you can read and watch. In July, tackle a curated list of LEED v4 resources and in August, we'll have a series of webinars.

Webinars on LEED v4

In August, we will host a series of free, live webinars on LEED v4 where you can connect directly with USGBC and GBCI staff to learn more and ask questions. Register to join one of our live webinar events:

Water and energy in LEED v4

LEED v4, performance and the next evolution for green building

The LEED v4 summer reading and viewing list

We’ve compiled a list featuring courses on a number of topics in LEED v4. All of the courses below are available free through the end of August.

  • LEED v4 User Guide: This publication features a detailed list of all of the changes from LEED 2009 to LEED v4, as well as an overview of the certification process, minimum program requirements and a guide to selecting the best rating system for your project.
  • Introduction to LEED v4: Gain broad insight and establish a foundation for adopting LEED v4 into your green building practice. Explore common themes in this new rating system, such as synergies within the rating system, integrative process and the role of performance.
  • Understanding Water Credits in LEED: If you missed Greenbuild Boston, tune in for an exclusive look at the best sessions. This session discusses the water credits in LEED.
  • Energy in LEED Today and Tomorrow: This session will provide context behind the energy credits in LEED and discuss the evolution of how LEED addresses energy and climate change.
  • LEED Supports Healthy Spaces: During this session, LEED subject matter experts will review what determines our health and how LEED addresses this, some of the EQ credits and the research that informed the credit requirements and related project examples.
  • LEED v4 Rating System Review (O+M): This five-session webinar series reviews the technical requirements of the LEED v4 Building Operations and Maintenance rating systems.
  • Live with LEED Fellows: In June 2018, USGBC kicked off a series of live question and answer sessions where LEED Fellows share their biggest lessons learned and tips on how to be successful with LEED.
  • LEED certification: tools and resources: Use this page as a home base for LEED information available at your fingertips, and share it with colleagues working on their first LEED project.

Looking for more?

Here are some additional courses that you'll find on Education @USGBC. They are included with a subscription or available a la carte.

  • LEED v4 Rating System Review (BD+C and ID+C): This five-session webinar series reviews the technical requirements of the LEED v4 Building Design and Construction rating systems. The series covers each credit category, touches on every prerequisite and credit and highlights differences specific to project type adaptations.
  • LEED Documentation Tips—From LEED Reviewers: LEED reviewers want to certify your project! Learn how to make it easy for them.
  • LEED v4—A Primer: This presentation provides a brief overview of the major changes from LEED 2009 to LEED v4, highlighting the new categories and credits added to the rating system, as well as significant changes to existing credit requirements.
  • Building as an Organism: Understanding the Integrative Process Credit in LEED v4: LEED Fellow John Boecker describes what the IP credit is, how to take advantage of its opportunities and how to engage in a process yielding better building performance than conventional means.
  • GreenCE's Ten Things To Know About LEED v4: Grow your insights into the LEED v4 rating system by exploring the fundamental concepts behind the development of LEED v4, including the expansion of the system into new market sectors, as well as internationally.

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