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Thank you to everyone who followed our @USGBC twitter handle yesterday afternoon as our VP of LEED Technical Development, Brendan Owens, answered your questions on all things v4. It was an info-packed hour, full of great questions and conversation.

In case you missed it, here's the full recap: Q1: When is the final LEEDv4 language expected to be public?
A1: Final LEEDv4 language will be available June 1st with the opening of the ballot: Q2: @USGBC when will LEEDv4 reference guides be available?
A2: They'll be available at Greenbuild! We'll see you in Philly!

Q3: Do you see the ASHRAE standard taking over from LEED in terms of prominance and usage?
A3: 189/lgCC & LEED are complementary—like a hammer & screwdriver. Lgcc/189 sets the floor.  LEEDv4 defines the ceiling. We need both!

Q4: When will registration for v2009 end?
A4: Right now, it's scheduled for June 1st, 2015.

Q5: When will the LEED exam change?
A5: We are updating exams now. Expect beta exams by early '14! We're not launching a new credential. Q6: Why is Certified Wood no longer a credit?
A6: FSC = the gold standard for wood! We need a similar standard for concrete, steel, copper...a new credit creates incentive. FSC is still in there.

Q7: MRc2&4 don't involve costs, just 20 different products. True?
A7: Yes and no. For disclosure, the count is based on products. For optimization, it's based on cost.

Q8: Does LEEDv4 take elevators and escalators into account more than previous versions?
A8: From an energy perspective, yes. From a daylighting perspective, no :)

Q9: Will projects still need to do an exceptional calculation to include process loads/elev esc for EAc1?
A9: 90.1-2010 regulates elevators. ECM shouldn't be required but feedback from LEEDv4 beta projects is helping us develop forms.

Q10: Will GBCI process be changed as well in LEEDv4?
A10: We're always looking for improvements—we're using LEEDv4 beta to help with certification. Tweet chat with GBCI coming soon? :)

Q11: How will documentation/submission change for LEED NC in LEEDV4? How can LEED professionals prepare for this change?
A11: Check out this article! Part of a series on LEEDv4.
Q12: Does bike network have to be either lanes or paths? What counts for a lane and a stripe?
A12: Bike paths, lanes, or slow speed streets all count as a bike network.

Q13: For EAc5 M&V, will option 3 remain 1 point for just signing up on USGBC's Energy Star Portfolio Manager?
A13: There is no M&V credit anymore. We're only dealing with metering in D&C.

Q14: Will the District Energy guidelines now be part of the D&C Ref Guide?
A14: Yes, it's already done!

Q15: Dear local gvmts, smart growth + LEED ND = $$$.
A15: Totally agree! Also: social equity, improved health, and more!

Q16: What´s the final date to take the GA exam before LEEDv4?
A16: Unfortunately, no date yet. But stay tuned!

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