Melissa Baker

Visit our new LEED v4.1 webpage to learn how we keep improving LEED.

At Greenbuild in Boston, USGBC unveiled the next step for the LEED rating systems: LEED v4.1. This incremental step in the evolution of the world’s green building rating system is key in achieving the goal of green buildings and communities for all within a generation and is built on the concept of "all buildings in."

We can think of no better way to start than with the existing buildings market—those that are occupied and in use right now, already impacting the lives of many people.

Introducing LEED v4.1 for existing buildings and spaces

In LEED v4.1, the rating system is simplified. The scorecard and requirements are streamlined, and new methodologies for tracking and rating performance are integrated directly into the rating system, providing a clear framework for achieving LEED certification, not just for entire buildings, but for spaces within buildings as well.

A stronger environmental performance leads to economic prosperity, better of quality of life and improved human health and well-being for all. LEED v4.1 for Building Operations and Maintenance (O+M) will support this goal by tracking performance in energy, water, waste, transportation, indoor air quality, toxin-free environment and occupant satisfaction.

With LEED v4.1 O+M, an initial certification will be awarded to projects based on the implementation of sustainable operational strategies and performance score achievement in LEED Online.

The resulting points for performance will translate into a LEED certification level.

Starting today, you can

We have also opened a call for proposals, giving you the chance to tell us your ideas for what LEED can and should be.

Want to know more? Join us at any of the 2018 Greenbuild events being held around the world. Starting with Greenbuild Europe, we’ll host live workshops, education sessions and "meet the experts" gatherings to provide you with a direct link to the LEED staff and volunteers behind the rating system.

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