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Showcase your LEED achievement with these resources.

Wondering how you can spread the word about your recently certified LEED project?

From LEED certification marks to digital badge packages and PR guidelines, USGBC has put together a comprehensive set of resources so that you’re equipped to showcase your achievement and your dedication to green building.

Press and media templates

Many projects look to press releases and social media to tell their building’s story. To help simplify the process of creating content for these channels, USGBC developed our LEED PR Guidelines document. The guidelines include a press release template, sample quotes from USGBC and social media templates that you can share with your audiences. Don’t forget to let us know, too, by using "#LEED" on your social media posts.

LEED certification marks and badges

Once your project certifies, you’re eligible to use the LEED certification mark that’s appropriate to the year and level of certification achieved. For example, if you certified as LEED Platinum this year, you’ll get the LEED Platinum certification mark from 2019. This mark can be used on social media, press releases and other marketing materials, as well as on physical installations like LEED plaques and banners.

To request the certification mark, email Marketing with your project ID number, project name and address. If you’re missing any of these details, a copy of your certification award letter will also do the trick. If you ever have any questions about how to use your LEED certification mark, check out USGBC’s Trademark and Branding Guidelines.

You can also celebrate and promote your accomplishment online by adding a LEED badge to your website or social posts. We offer options for both LEED-certified and registered projects.

Project profiles

Once a project has been certified, its project team is invited to submit content to their profile on our LEED project directory, which features nonconfidential LEED projects. Your profile includes an overview of the project, a slideshow of project photos and link to the project's LEED scorecard, when applicable. Submit your project information and photos.

For additional guidance or resources, check out our post-certification page. Now that your project has joined a select group of leaders in the built environment, we look forward to hearing your story.

Your promotion toolkit

Learn more on the post-certification page