Jennifer Gunby

Learn how Massachusetts keeps growing in its green building leadership.

The USGBC Massachusetts Chapter community has been busy—and they have some great achievements to show for it. The state of Massachusetts is the current top state for LEED, with a total of 136 LEED-certified projects, representing 3.73 square feet of certified space per capita. The state is also committed to leading by example, with 70 of those LEED-certified projects being state buildings.

Massachusetts’ sustainability commitments and leadership is especially strong in energy. Energy efficiency is a focus of the state and has been yielding exceptional recognition in 2017. Not only is the Massachusetts the leader in implementing energy-efficient policies and programs, demonstrated by being ranked number 1 on the Energy Efficiency Scorecard by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), the city of Boston was also ranked number 1 by ACEEE as the most energy-efficient city in the country.

All this great work was recently showcased as the USGBC and Massachusetts community presented Greenbuild in Boston the week of November 9. More than 24,000 attendees and 700 exhibitors gathered in one of the greenest cities, in one of the greenest states, for the world’s largest conference and expo dedicated to green building. Even Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker participated, opening the Expo Hall.

USGBC released a handout summarizing the work of the USGBC Massachusetts community at Greenbuild, including stats like "1,028 LEED-certified commercial projects" and "13,000 LEED-certified residential units."

Gain inspiration for your own community action, based on the work of Massachusetts:

  • Preparing for sea level change: This Huffington Post article details how Boston confronts the problem of development in areas projected to be flooded by around 2070.
  • The "E+ Green Building" program: In a continuation of efforts to reduce carbon emissions, transform building practices and bring innovative energy-positive LEED Platinum green homes to Boston neighborhoods, the city has released the next round of E+ Green Building requests for proposals.
  • Massachusetts Leading By Example program: This initiative encourages state agencies and public colleges and universities to adopt new practices to become more energy-efficient and sustainable by providing tools, guidance, grants and awards to recognize outstanding efforts.

Learn more about the Massachusetts green building community