Sara Cederberg

"The Materials & Human Health Summit was a great opportunity to connect the dots between the people, knowledge and systems empowering the building industry to innovate and build healthier products and places." 

— Anne Less, Mary Davidge Associates. Anne has led the Healthy Materials team for Google’s Real Estate & Workplace Services organization

This year at Greenbuild, we held the first Materials and Human Health Summit, providing a platform for the manufacturing and design communities to converge and discuss market trends, goals and our collective progress toward those goals. Over 300 manufacturers, architects, interior designers, building owners, developers, NGO’s, and government groups joined us.

Many of the conversations of the day centered on transparency—specifically environmental and health product declarations—with the most popular education session by far being Product Ingredients: Tools for Material Health, led by Stacy Glass of Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, Lauren Heine of Clean Production Action, and Tom Lent of Healthy Building Network.

"We all want the same thing, to provide the best environments possible for people to live and work in.  BASF looks forward to continuing the conversation with the USGBC and other stakeholders to help achieve these goals.” 

— Michael Fletcher, Manager of the BASF Commercial Construction Center for Building Excellence 

LEED v4 Readiness

We challenged both manufacturers and designers to demonstrate their commitment to having their product lines LEED v4-ready by Greenbuild 2014. This means analyzing their product lines using either Type III Environmental Product Declarations, Third Party Verified Corporate Sustainability Reports, Greenscreen Assessed Chemical Ingredients, Health Product Declarations, or Cradle To Cradle Certifications.

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