MaryEllen Etienne
1 minute read

Meet your 2019 USGBC Ohio community leaders.

USGBC Ohio is proud to announce the members of our 2019 Market Leadership Advisory Board (MLAB). This dedicated group of Ohio green building professionals volunteer time to work with the USGBC community to develop and implement programming that supports USGBC’s local, regional and global goals.

The MLAB members we selected represent diverse perspectives and sectors to grow and deepen USGBC’s relationships throughout Ohio. We welcome all new and returning members for 2019 and look forward to a productive year ahead. To our past members, we are grateful for the work you have put in to advance green building in Ohio. Thank you!

2019 USGBC Ohio Market Leadership Advisory Board

  • Bill Paolillo, Welty Building Company (Chair)
  • Michael Berning, Heapy Engineering (Immediate Past Chair)
  • Jim Ratliff, Champlin Architecture (Vice Chair)
  • Stephanie Corbett, Case Western Reserve University (Secretary)
  • David Scott, Brennan Manna and Diamond (Advocacy Chair)
  • Jill Zeigler, Brookfield Properties (Communications Chair)
  • Andrew Plogsted, Elevar Design Group (Community Service Chair)
  • Farah Wissinger, Heapy Engineering (Membership and Partnership Chair)
  • Melissa Berardi, CBRE (Programs and Education Chair)
  • Cindy Cicigoi, Cleveland 2030 District (at large)
  • Greg Wright, Heapy Engineering (at large)
  • Tyler Steele, Hines (at large)
  • Tammi Wareham, DesignGroup (at large)

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