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See what's new on our updated education solutions page.

In the four years since we’ve launched Education @USGBC, we’ve been committed to continuous improvement. Along the way, we’ve expanded to over 700 courses, diversified the topics and types of education content available, launched curated playlists and created knowledge-based badges to recognize deeper expertise.

We have also gathered feedback from our more than 44,000 users, and we have heard loud and clear that you’re looking for a faster site, with more intuitive filters and smarter searches.

Today, we have launched the new Education @USGBC course catalog. Here you’ll find an easy-to-use interface, allowing you to find the right course for you. The updated catalog features only courses that can be completed on Education @USGBC.

Use the filters to find courses based on continuing education, course level, GBCI program and more. As you search for a topic, our search bar will suggest the most relevant courses for you. Use the display options at the top right to view the catalog as a grid or a list.

If you haven’t visited Education @USGBC lately, take a look to see what we’ve been up to. Explore Education @USGBC.

Looking to grow your sustainability knowledge beyond online education? Discover education solutions, your guide to all the ways that USGBC can support your learning.

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