Meet USGBC: Nicolette Mueller | U.S. Green Building Council
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Posted in Community

What's your name and position at USGBC?
Nicolette Mueller, Office of the CEO.

How long have you been at USGBC?
I celebrated my fourth anniversary on July 10th!

How do you get to work?
I walk through Washington DC's beautiful DuPont circle.

What's your hometown? 
Calistoga, California. 

Fill in the blank: We are__________
the real deal.

What are you currently reading?
Skippy Dies.

Favorite thing to listen to?
 I’m a huge NPR fan, borderline addict.  Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Marketplace Morning Report, RadioLab are a few of my favorites. 

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?
"You have to build a house you can live in." I was brand new to USGBC and working on a training program to be delivered in Beijing that involved multiple members, USAID, and major supporters of USGBC. I remember having a call one night with an executive from a member company and confessing to her that I wasn't sure the event would be a success. She told me that I just needed to keep building a house that I could live in. Stick to what makes sense, seems right, is practical and do-able, but be flexible enough to continue to add and revise. 

What keeps you awake at night?
I frequently wake up at 2 AM on Thursdays wondering if it’s time to get up for my cooking shift at Miriam’s kitchen.  I need to be out the door by 5am in order to make it there on time, and I’m always anxious that I’m going to sleep through my alarm.  

What's your favorite part of working for USGBC?
The first answer that comes to mind is, “The people!” My colleagues are incredibly smart, talented, thoughtful, and hardworking people.  My next favorite thing is getting a real or virtual tour of a LEED project from the design or facilities team. 

What is your most memorable professional experience?
Hearing President Clinton riff from talking points I created. I was at a reception at the Clinton Library and Presidential Center and I was scrambling to find a pen so I could try to write down the President’s remarks when all of a sudden, I realized that he was using some of the material I’d written.  It was a huge thrill!

What are you most excited about in the green building industry?
I’m really excited about the potential for personal consumer devices to fundamentally change how we relate to our buildings, and help us dramatically reduce our use of resources.



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