Cindy Zork
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The headquarters incorporates environmentally conscious design and sustainability features.

The recently completed Bridgestone Tower in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, has received LEED Gold certification. Bridgestone Americas, Inc., a subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation, is a major tire and rubber company with a deep corporate commitment to sustainability.

For Bridgestone, making sure the environment is healthy for future generations is an important part of its social responsibility goals. Building Bridgestone Tower to LEED standards is one way the company supports the sustainability of its hometown.

“Since the conception of Bridgestone Tower, our goal has been to achieve LEED Gold certification as another symbol of our commitment to the environment and sustainability and for the betterment of our workplace and community,” said Chris Karbowiak, Chief Administrative Officer at Bridgestone Americas.

Bridgestone Tower achieved LEED Gold certification for implementing solutions aimed at achieving high performance in multiple categories: sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, material and resources, indoor environmental quality and innovation.

The 514,000-square-foot, 30-story headquarters building incorporates a number of environmentally conscious designs and notable sustainability features, including:

  • Reducing portable water use by using high-efficiency flush and low-plumbing fixtures;
  • Implementing LED fixtures to promote interior lighting energy savings;
  • Choosing materials manufactured within 500 miles of the project site;
  • Using low-emitting materials for adhesives, sealants, paints, coatings, flooring products and composite wood products and furniture;
  • Implementing low mercury lamps; and
  • Using recycled content in materials.

Firestone Building Products, a Bridgestone Americas subsidiary, also contributed to the project, with a white reflective roofing system that reduces the roof’s surface temperature, creating greater energy efficiency.

Erica Weeks, Director of Sustainability at Hastings Architecture, assisted the general contractor, Brasfield & Gorrie, with the management of the construction phase credits for both the core and shell and tenant fit-up projects. Erica noted that diligent record-keeping for the logging of product submittals, waste diversion tallies and indoor air quality measures was required to maintain appropriate documentation for this large project. “Clear communication and understanding the scheduling of construction tasks related to core and shell versus tenant fit-up is a key team effort,” Weeks said.

In total, Bridgestone has five LEED-certified locations, including its manufacturing plant in Warren County, Tennessee, which first earned LEED certification in 2008, and its technical center in Akron, Ohio, which earned LEED Gold in 2014.

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