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At USGBC, we take National Bike to Work Day pretty seriously. While a lot of our staff bikes to work every single day (weather permitting), it's more fun when you get to celebrate your #1 way of commuting with other staff members and local bikers! Biking to work is a clean, fun and healthy way to get to and from work.

We thought we'd take a minute to showcase some of our most enthusiastic bikers, and get an idea of why they bike to work! 

Josh LaskyProgram Manager, Green Apple and Community Green

  • How long have you been commuting to work via bike? I’ve been riding in DC since I arrived for college 11 years ago, and I’ve been commuting regularly since I started working professionally seven years ago. Since starting at USGBC, I’ve ridden to work all but a handful of days. I ride through all seasons and all kinds of weather. Our building has great facilities for bike commuters and I take full advantage of them.
  • When did you first starting getting involved in DC community bike events like Bike to Work Day? I sit on the board of a non-profit called Climate Ride that organizes multi-day bike tours that raise money for environmental and active transportation organizations (like the Washington Area Bicyclists Association and Rails-to-Trails Conservancy). Since Climate Ride organizes a 5-day ride from New York to Washington, DC, every year, I’ve built lots of relationships in and around DC with bike-friendly organizations, riding groups, and bike shops. I try to attend WABA’s programs, including amazing events like Tour de Fat, and get out to group rides whenever I can. Bike Party is an awesome event that’s becoming pretty popular—it combines my love for music and riding into a monthly social ride.

Daria Gelman, LEED Associate

  • Why do you bike to work (health, environment, convenience, etc.)? Because it’s faster, even when you live in Alexandria, VA. Biking takes me 40 minutes door to door including a shower, while metro/carpooling gets me stuck in traffic. As a benefit of this commute I get stronger and have my thinking time while enjoying the views of the Potomac river.
  • How long have you been commuting to work via bike? Always for six years now (although I’ve just moved this far).

Ian Canterbury, Business Services Specialist

  • Why do you bike to work (health, environment, convenience, etc.)? All of the above. I love that biking is the most efficient mode for my daily commutes and it’s obviously great that it requires zero natural resources, but mostly I love it because I can count the rides as cardio. I hate cardio... and biking makes it tolerable.
  • If you’re not riding your bike, how are you getting to work? I’ll usually hop on the Metrobus, but it takes about 15 minutes longer than biking so I try to bike at all costs.

Sean and Casey BTWD

Sean FishProject Manager

  • Why do you bike to work (health, environment, convenience, etc.)? I bike to work for a few reasons, but the primary reason is that it’s just the easiest way to get in. I never have to worry about traffic or Metro delays. Also, the health and environmental side effects don’t hurt :)
  • When did you first start getting involved in DC community bike events like Bike to Work Day? My first BTWD was in 2010. I’ve grown more active in the DC cycling community each year since then. 

Alyssa Campagnoni, Project Manager

  • Why do you bike to work (health, environment, convenience, etc.)? It’s really convenient. I hop on New Hampshire and ride that bike lane nearly all the way to the office.  I’ve gotten used to walking to work over the past few years, but when I realized that I could sleep just a little longer if I took my bike, that was it.
  • How long have you been commuting to work via bike? For less than a year. I will credit my coworkers at USGBC with this relatively recent change—many have taken quite a bit of time to show me the city streets with the bike lanes and taught me to be a vocal presence with drivers and pedestrians.

Casey Studhalter, Project Manager, Neighborhood Development

  • How long have you been commuting to work via bike? I have been bike commuting ever since moving to DC and starting at USGBC in January 2010. One of the first things I did after moving to DC was to buy a used bike so I could get around.
  • Are you a bike rider outside of your daily commute? I recently bought a mountain bike and am loving the DC area singletrack. Between my wife and I, we are a three bike household and it’s getting to be a full house. 

Biking to work can be an awesome alternative to taking public transportation, or driving. And with Capital Bikeshare locations popping up all over the city, biking to work doesn't have to be a huge commitment! Check out our bikers on the way in this morning.

How do you get to work, and would you consider biking to work as a clean alternative?

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