This USGBC brief shares LEED-certified projects that have shown exemplary resilience.

As part of our sharpened focus on resilience-enhancing tactics, USGBC has developed the brief Profiles of Resilience: LEED in Practice. This brief details LEED-certified projects that have weathered storms or otherwise exhibited exceptional resilience.

To achieve LEED certification, projects must demonstrate strategies that drive performance across sustainability and efficiency metrics—which also positions them to improve overall resilience. The projects examined in the brief posed unique challenges and used a range of methods to increase their resilience to potentially harmful conditions.

The projects include an office space in San Juan, Puerto Rico; a corporate headquarters in Parsippany, New Jersey; a cold climate research facility in Fairbanks, Alaska; and an apartment complex in Los Angeles, California. Each project pursued enhanced resilience while meeting LEED requirements, even though their needs and approaches varied.

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