Besides relevant Greenbuild sessions, these new pathways have education and advocacy resources to help you improve project planning.

Still filling out your Greenbuild Boston schedule? Check out USGBC's new, curated content on resilience and net zero topics on Education @USGBC.

Including relevant Greenbuild sessions as well as education resources, policy briefs and breakdowns of how LEED and the other GBCI rating systems achieve resiliency and net zero goals, these pathways collect the information you need to improve project planning.

  • "The Road to Resilience" has resources for incorporating more resilient practices into the design, construction and operation of your project. You can also identify opportunities to leverage LEED and GBCI systems such as SITES and PEER to increase resiliency.
  • "Pathway to Net Zero" helps you position your LEED project for net zero energy, water and waste, and to learn about how Arc can help you track carbon in building operations and work toward net zero carbon.

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