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I am thrilled to announce the launch of USGBC+, the U.S. Green Building Council’s first ever magazine for our valued members. Members, look for it in your mailboxes this month.

That plus sign in the title may appear diminutive, but it packs a huge punch. It signifies the work we do every day at USGBC to bring you the resources and support you need to take your green building efforts to unimagined heights. We’re experimenting with new ways to bring you green building stories, strategies, and lessons, from the pages of our new magazine to the new Education @USGBC portal. We’re focusing on how buildings can serve as a pathway for healthier people, and we’re expanding LEED’s global reach more than ever.

And we’re celebrating you, our members, with a magazine that showcases your phenomenal work and the green building industry’s best and brightest minds.

Some highlights from our inaugural issue:

  • We’re sharing real talk about the revitalization of Detroit. The mural you see on the cover of the first issue, Detroit Industry, conceived by Mexican muralist Diego Rivera in the 1930s, shows a crowd watching the creation of industry in Detroit. How does this relate to today? The entire world is watching Detroit rebuild itself, led by innovators like Reverend Ross, who is working with the Detroit community directly to rebuild the city in a sustainable way.
  • One World Trade Center’s journey to LEED is celebrated, plotting an iconic and culturally significant building’s path to sustainability.
  • You’ll find that our magazine includes sections named after the impact categories that guided development of the LEED rating system. From building a greener economy to enhancing human health and well-being, we’re serving you leading sustainability strategies and thought leadership within every issue. Hold on to your copy! You might need it later when you’re working through the LEED process.

Lastly, in each issue, we’ll be featuring the best and brightest individuals who are taking the phrase “LEED ON,” our current mantra, to a new level across industries and disciplines far and wide. Want to see your face in the magazine, or know someone who’s changing the game? Have feedback on our first issue? Leave me a comment here or drop us a line: editor@usgbc.org. Members, this magazine is for you, and we’re committed to making it the only one you need in order to keep your finger on the pulse of our crazy, thrilling, mile-a-minute industry.


P.S. We're also bringing you the USGBC+ experience online at plus.usgbc.org. That site will launch in the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

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