Taryn Holowka

Beginning this month, you’ll notice leaders from across the building industry peering out from magazine pages, newspapers, usgbc.org and around the web in our new ad series. Their message?


What does it mean? Well, pardon our redundancy, but it’s about leadership!

LEED ON is a call to action for the entire industry – including us. As we continue to make the newest update to LEED, LEED v4, more understandable, easy to use and accessible than ever, we’re taking up the charge to LEED ON. As projects dig into LEED v4, registering and getting started with the new rating system, they’re doing it, too. Future LEED Professionals preparing for AP exam day, sustainability consultants completing their first LEED Platinum projects, the corporation that makes a commitment to certify their portfolio: they’re all part of the LEED ON movement. LEED means leadership. It means going the extra mile, embracing transparency and not shying away from rigor. And those of us who are creating LEED, applying LEED and advocating for LEED in any and every capacity are the leaders of today’s (and tomorrow’s) green building industry.

So, who are those leaders you see in ads? They’re professionals and advocates. Some of them lead in-house sustainability teams; others have shepherded LEED projects from conception to completion for companies and clients big and small. The LEED ON ad series features USGBC member companies Interface, Transwestern, Skanska, Wells Fargo, Verizon Wireless, Siemens Corporation and Kohl’s.

But they’re not the only ones. Thank you for all that you do to LEED ON, every day.

Keep scrolling to see the LEED ON ad series in full, or look for an ad in building trade magazines across the country and in business journals in five markets: Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, Minneapolis and Philadelphia.

Is your company interested in participating in the next round of ads? Let us know! marketing@usgbc.org.