Emily Zhang

Sponsored article: E3 INNOVATE has released a new study on residential efficiency standards in Tennessee.

Tennessee’s residential market is rapidly expanding, but according to a recent study by E3 INNOVATE, it currently ranks as one of the lowest-performing states in efficiency standards. The report Accelerating the Adoption of Residential Efficiency Standards Across Tennessee highlights the opportunities for improvement in Tennessee’s residential building sector and provides recommendations for greater advocacy and education.

Using analysis of map data, surveys and case studies, the in-depth report points to misperceptions about the cost and slowdowns in the building process as major barriers to an increase in energy-efficient homes in the state. In addition to increased rigor in local residential codes, recommendations include more thorough training and workshops for builders, contractors, homeowners and realtors about the health and cost-saving benefits of high-performing homes.

Lesley Herrmann of E3 INNOVATE indicated that as a result of the project, she “realized there are many different viewpoints and concerns which can create confusion throughout the state.” To address this issue, “education is a critical component to the overall success of widespread adoption and for moving forward together.”

E3 INNOVATE is a Nashville-based home performance company that works with homeowners, architects and builders to create comfortable, healthy and energy efficient living spaces.

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