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The Alliance for Industrial Efficiency report shares data on the public energy goals of large manufacturing companies.

The Alliance for Industrial Efficiency has released a report sharing data on the increased steps taken by the manufacturing sector in the U.S. to reduce energy use and carbon emissions.

The report, Committed to Savings: Major U.S. Manufacturers Set Public Goals for Energy Efficiency, researched the public energy efficiency goals of 160 of the nation’s largest companies, which hold a combined 2,100 manufacturing facilities.

Among the key findings are that 43 percent of the largest manufacturers in the U.S. have established ambitious public targets to reduce their energy use, and 79 percent have done the same regarding greenhouse gas emissions reduction. According to the report, setting energy efficiency targets creates the sense of urgency necessary to capitalize on available benefits, as well as demonstrating corporate leadership, encouraging accountability and improving public perception of a company.

The report also ranks U.S. states by number of manufacturing companies with public energy efficiency targets, with Texas, California and Ohio in the top spots. In addition, the analysis suggests that states and utilities also need to take action to help manufacturers achieve their efficiency goals.

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