Megan Sparks

LEED is more than a set of requirements, it’s a comprehensive program supported by a suite of tools and resources. With LEED v4, in addition to working on the rating systems, USGBC also focused a great deal of attention on the customer experience. And the development process did not end with LEED v4 being launched. We are still looking for new ways to add support for project teams.

Plan and policy templates 

We’ve created templates for the plans and policies required in the LEED v4 Building Operations and Maintenance (O+M) rating systems. These templates serve as examples of plans and policies that meet the requirements of the credits. They enable you to implement the operations and maintenance best practices in your building and be confident that those practices meet the LEED requirements. A similar set of templates for use with the existing buildings rating system in LEED 2009 is coming soon.

The plan and policy templates are available free of cost in the credit library for all project teams to download, elaborate on and customize for your building, and ultimately, submit as part of your project documentation:

SSp Site Management Policy template

WEp Indoor Water Use Reduction Policy template

MRp Ongoing Purchasing and Waste Policy template

MRp Facility Maintenance and Renovation Policy template

EQp Green Cleaning Policy template

EQc Integrated Pest Management Plan template


Learn about other updates to LEED resources and tools:

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