Batya Metalitz
2 minute read

Explore the new LEED v4.1 features in LEED Online.

USGBC has recently launched new tools for LEED v4.1 in LEED Online to support the precertification and initial certification of individual projects using LEED for Building Design and Construction (BD+C) and LEED for Interior Design and Construction (ID+C). With this most recent update to LEED Online, we’re excited to announce several new features.

Web-based forms

With LEED v4.1, we’ve introduced new web-based documentation forms, instead of the PDF-based forms used in LEED v4 and previous versions. This new format has a several advantages for project teams:

  • No browser compatibility issues—these forms can be used on any browser, including Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.
  • Multiple files can be uploaded directly within the form for ease of use and tracking.
  • Faster load times—since the forms are integrated into LEED Online, they do not need plugins or other outside features when loading.


As with LEED v4, offline Excel-based calculators are available to help project teams document some of the more complex credits. These calculators can be filled out, emailed to other project team members and uploaded into LEED Online.

Sample forms

Sample forms have many uses, including providing a mechanism for LEED v4 projects to document credit substitutions. Potential LEED v4.1 projects can review the forms prior to registering a project, to know what to expect for documentation. The LEED v4.1 sample forms are available in LEED Online (project registration is not required to access them). You will find the sample form link on the right sidebar of your LEED Online home page once you log in.

Regional priority credit lookup

LEED v4.1 regional priority credits are now available at If you have a LEED v4 project in the same area, you will find that they are nearly the same, with updates based on credit changes. As with LEED v4, six eligible regional priority points will show up on the Credits tab of your project in LEED Online. Up to four of these points can be earned per project, based on achievement of the designated credits.

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