Melanie Share

USGBC Faculty are experienced educators with a strong background in both LEED and professional education. The Faculty designation recognizes professionals who are highly experienced and knowledgeable on the topics of LEED, green building and/or sustainability. USGBC Faculty also maintain well-honed presentation and facilitation skills.

USGBC Faculty benefits include:

  • A listing in the online USGBC Faculty directory
  • Use of USGBC Faculty designation on business cards, letterhead, etc.
  • Introduction and access to USGBC Education Partner network
  • Complimentary access to Education @USGBC annual subscription
  • Invitation to exclusive Education @USGBC convenings
  • Access to Education Partner- and Faculty-only trainings and resources

USGBC Faculty must

  • Hold a LEED professional credential
  • Document recent experience teaching sustainability concepts
  • Demonstrate top-notch presentation skills

Renew your USGBC Faculty designation or apply for the first time

Stay tuned for opportunities for USGBC Education Partners to interact and collaborate with this elite group of globally recognized green building and sustainability educators.