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LEED v4 introduces a unified LEED experience for the entire world to share – one that offers flexibility for all green building projects, with new market sectors and global best practices built-in.

Impressive impacts.

Increased thresholds in energy, water, waste and indoor environmental quality ensure that LEED v4 projects are driving the goals of green building farther than ever. The new Location and Transportation credit category tackles new territory, enabling LEED v4 buildings to advance sustainable communities and land use.

The future is health.

LEED v4 takes a serious, increased focus on human health that goes beyond any other building system on the planet. Every story about a green building is a story about people.

Materials matter.

LEED v4 pushes forward a paradigm shift in how we think about materials. Life cycle assessment, environmental product declarations, and material ingredient reporting bring transparency to the manufacturing and decision-making process behind building materials. Using these mechanisms to make data-driven decisions is absolutely essential to building performance and human health.

Bringing it all together.

The integrative design process is at the heart and soul of LEED v4, and guides project teams toward incorporating LEED v4’s new features into their projects from the very beginning. And, with an increased focus on building performance, LEED v4 takes a closer look at the very real impacts that LEED buildings are driving forward. You can only get that experience through LEED. 

We’re listening.

Your feedback has enabled us to create a more supportive, customer-centric experience for LEED users, including:

-       Revamped LEED education to get you the knowledge you need, now

-       Brand new reference guides available in both print and web based format with new videos and tutorials

-      Updated LEED v4 exams that keep you current

-       A completely revised, easy-to-use certification policy manual

-       LEED Online with simplified LEED credit submittal requirements and process

-       Greater access to project support and an enhanced user experience through customer account management, LEED Coach and Proven Provider programs

-       …and more.

Your valuable input will help us build out additional features to support your projects. All of these tools work with the LEED rating system to provide you a better customer experience. Period.

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